1. What about Warranty ?
One Year is Product Warranty. That product is washable, colourfast, fire resistant and durable. Can last upto 8-10 years on a dry wall surface.

2. What are the installation charges & How to get it done ?
Installation available in all cities. Please contact Marshalls on 9209256565. Installation options are as follows:

Option 1: Direct Installation Cost (DIC): A Karigar shall reach and Install @ Rs 400*/Std. Roll (without adhesive or Rs 500/Roll inclusive of adhesive) Subject to a minimum of Rs 1500* (+ travelling on actuals approx. min. Rs 200) whichever is more.

Option 2: Full Application Package (FAP): The Package includes Site visit by our Site Officer, Wall inspection, 1 year warranty, includes adhesive, travelling by Officer, Karigars etc. The rate is Rs 650/Roll, subject to a minimum of Rs 3500* * add GST = @18%.

3. What is the standard roll size ?
The various sizes of each roll offered by various manufacturers, but majority are of std size of 5.37 sq. mtr rolls (58 sq.ft.) and width of the roll is 53.3 cms (21 inches) and Length 10.06 mtrs (33ft).

4. What’s Wallpaper Roll area and it’s coverage on Wall ?
i. One Std. Roll has an area of 58 sft.

ii. The Std. Roll generally covers 50 sq.ft. on Wall (because some wastage occurs due to trimming/cutting required on the top and bottom of the wall as well as for wastage due to design matching).

iii. Thus the coverage Wallpaper Roll on Wall is approximately 86% or say the wastage is 14%.

iv. This wastage factor has to be built into the costing while providing the Estimate.

v. However for plain designs with free-match or zero match designs, the wastage could be less than that of Design motifs and these could offer coverage upto 90% ( or a reduced wastage upto 10%).

5. Are wallpapers / wall-coverings waterproof ?
Wallcoverings cannot waterproof your walls. Leakage is a common phenomenon and we have a wonderful solution to make such walls invisible. In front of such a wall we advise to create an artificial wall by using either cement sheet or plywood using an aluminium framing which is half to one inch away from the leakage wall. On top of this wall our wallcovering is installed which remains unaffected due to the moisture. Thus your walls continue to look beautiful irrespective of the leakage which is now hidden.

Wallcoverings are 100% washable but not waterproof.

6. If wall is un-even would you recommend to put wallcovering ?
The plaster would have to be redone on your wall and then cement primer one coat on top of it to help bind the same properly.Thereafter wallcoverings can be installed on the same. Walls everywhere are not good but can be made ready by doing the right surface preparation. The charges for the same are extra.

7. Can wallcoverings be applied on tiles?
Wallcoverings preferably should not be installed on tiles as tiles are of non absorbing nature. Moreover even if installed by reducing the water content, the shape of the tiles will still be visible. Ideally one should remove the tiles and remake the walls which is an expensive and time consuming process. The alternative is to put a ply sheet on top of the tiles to make an even surface, put primer on it and then do the installation of wallcoverings.

8. Is it necessary to remove existing wallpaper before installing a new one without damaging the back wall ?
With the new non woven backing it is easy to remove wallcoverings when needed to replace. One edge to be removed from the corner and then the sheet to be stripped off the wall in one go. This does not even damage the back wall.

Where the backing is paper the wallpaper when removed will tend to come off with the plaster in places for which the surface preparation is needed. However the new tech non woven backing is good to remove without any plaster coming off and new wallpaper can be immediately applied.

This process usually takes one day and the second for the installation of the new wallcoverings.

9. Can wallcoverings be applied on Laminates ?
The surface on which the wallcoverings has to be installed should be able to absorb water since the adhesive used is water based. Laminates cannot absorb water and hence it is not the right surface to install wallcoverings. However if it is a small area then wallcoverings can be installed by reducing the water content but no warranty can be given for the longevity of the same.

10. Can wallcoverings be used in bathrooms ?
Wallcoverings can easily be used in the dry areas of the bathrooms. Only areas which should be avoided is the shower area. Rest is good. Infact adding wallcoverings to the bathroom breaks the monotony of the place.

11. What are the pre-requisites to install wallcoverings ?
The walls on which wallcoverings need to be installed should be smooth even and dry. If not than you need put the putty to make the surface even and then one coat of cement primer to smoothen the wall. Thereafter the wallcoverings can be applied.

Also request you to click here detail understanding on How To Install wallcoverings?

12. Can we put wallcoverings if there are cracks on the wall ?
The wallcoverings can be applied on your wall after filling the cracks with plaster and then applying cement primer on it which will help bind the wall. Once the wallcoverings are installed the cracks will not be visible and the wallcoverings will keep the wall binded.

13. Can wallcoverings be applied on Plywood ?
Wallcoverings can be easily installed on the plywood after doing the necessary surface preparation.

14. Can wallcoverings be put where paint on existing wall is chipping off ?
If the walls are dry wallcoverings can be installed. If the paint is chipping off then surface preparation needs to be done which involves scraping the damaged paint and then filling it up with plaster with a coat of primer on top.

15. Can wallcoverings be put directly on a plastic painted wall ?
Yes the wallcoverings can be installed directly on a plastic painted wall where there is no chipping of paint. for example 250 sft area would max take 6 hours to be complete for the wallcoverings installation. However if surface preparation is needed then that would take a further day.

16. Do you suggest any alternative if there is leakage on the walls ?
If you have leakage issue then we suggest an alternative of making an artificial wall using cement sheet with a gap of 1 inch from the existing wall using aluminium panelling. On top of this you then apply the beautiful wallcoverings. Thus whatever keeps on happening at the back is not seen anywhere and your interiors look beautiful. On the cement sheet the surface preparation will be very minimal, where only the grooves need to be filled with plaster...plus a coat of primer will need to be done...cement sheet application will take one day, one day for plaster and primer and the third day installation of wallcoverings will happen. These are not major works and can be done without much dust or dirt.

17. Is the wood border on the edges of the wall required ?
The wallcoverings can be put on any wall which is smooth even and dry. The wooden patti is good to be put as a protective edge where the wall ends in a L shape as it is more likely to get hit due to movement of people. Its a good precaution to take.

18. Can wallcoverings be put on external walls ?
Wallcoverings is only an interior solution and is not to be used for external purposes. In an open area where the wallcoverings are exposed to a lot of outside factors which normally it will not be when used in interiors. Hence it can be installed as per your requirement but there would be no warranty given on the same towards its longevity

19. Can wallcoverings can be installed in the dry areas of the bathroom over the tiles ?
Our wallcoverings can be installed in the dry areas of the bathroom over the tiles. Though tiles is not the ideal surface for the installation as it is non absorbing. If we were to install then too the tiles shape would be visible. Preferably you should put a plywood sheet over the tiles and then install the wallcoverings. But this only for the dry areas and not the shower area.

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